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The series of posters titled On the Web is the result of my interest in influence of the diffusion of the Internet on a human, and also a crisis of our times, including cognitive crisis, the crisis of human relations, overload sense of reality, weakened by an excess of information. From the beginning of the era of Web 2.0 (which is the time when each user possesses the ability to create and edit content on the Web), we invest our thoughts and feelings in machines. The images of faces presented on the posters
I compare with the names of programs and devices, as well as applications occurring in the digital world. These names are compiled with the results of statistical surveys conducted in Poland (my original country) and around the world over the past few years. The posters was created by applicating of manual and computed techniques. The images of faces were almost entirely made by hand by painting over the surface of pages of journals and magazines. The choice of this kind of technique I justify
by desire to seek a human and his emotions.

The work entitled The Network is the practical part of the master thesis realized under the direction of Prof. Mieczyslaw Wasilewski. I undertake a similar topic in my theoretical work (Post-internet Art. The disappearance of boundaries between reality and virtuality), written under the direction of Dr. Adam Zdrodowski (Faculty of Graphic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, 2016).

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